My opinion on Those Who Wish Me Dead, Angelina Jolie & Nicholas Hoult

February 16, 2022

What is Those Who Wish Me Dead

Directed by Taylor Sheridan, Those Who Wish Me Dead is a 1h40 movie is featuring Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Hoult, Finn Littlem, Jon Bernthal…

Stationed in a lonely fire lookout tower in the heart of Montana’s Green Wilderness, guilt-ridden Hannah Faber, a daredevil smoke-jumper is having a death wish. She is still struggling to cope with her emotional trauma after a disastrous failure of judgement.

Then, as if that weren’t enough, Hannah crosses paths with utterly unprepared Connor He is the young son of the forensic accountant Owen Casserly and catches the attention of a highly trained pair of assassins bent on silencing the boy for good. Now, to prevent them from finishing the job, Hannah must put her sharp survival skills to good use and stop the killers They will do everything in their power to cover their tracks, including setting the forest ablaze.

Can Hannah and Connor escape from those who wish them dead?

Those Who Wish Me Dead, 2021 movie

My opinion on the film

This is a really well-meaning, predictable, attempting to have an emotional hook, action movie that just didn’t work well.

I was all in, riding along with the plot, willing to stomach the heavy lean in, director usually dependable Taylor Sheridan, to overly sentimental scenes. But I guess it was at the point of the lightning bolts smashing into the grassy ground at catastrophic and epic proportions I began to question what film I was actually watching. The sheer over-the-top Tom Foolery wrenched me completely from the story. Is this an end of world geo-storm thriller throwback to the early 2000s, or is this a hired-killer thriller? I don’t think the movie knows what it wants to be.

There are too many unnecessary scenes and infantile dialogue riddled with foul language you’d never expect to hear from those spewing it.

Jack: I hate this fucking place.
Allison: It hates you back.

Angelina Jolie and Finn Little in Those Who Wish Me Dead

It really seemed to me the script was written by a primary school child for a class project.

Case in point: the dad wrote two sheets of paper with compromising information about illegal stuff and gave them to his son. This was apparently enough evidence to

    • One, immediately convince Angelina Jollie she must help this little boy in need
    • Two, to take down an elaborate web of high ranked political conspiracy

It certainly had me scratching my head wondering what was on that paper.

Those Who Wish Me Dead could have benefitted from a little more tension and plausibility. All being said, it is an airport novel potboiler without the lurid thrills to keep it alive.

Those Who Wish Me Dead the trailer

My rating for Those Who Wish Me Dead: 4/10

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